Welcome to
Ashbourne Bowls Club

Welcome to Ashbourne Bowls Club

Coronavirus update 

The Government have advised that bowling greens may open from Wednesday 13th May 2020.

Ashbourne Bowls Club will open on Monday 18th May – we will be operating a strict booking system allowing one hour slots from 09.00 hrs to 19.00 hrs – bookings must be made by contacting Martin Balderson – Email: martinbalderson@yahoo.co.uk, Tel or Text: 07515 385662.

Ashbourne Bowls Club – The Opening of Greens from Monday 18 May 2020


• During Phase 1 only one group permitted on the green at a time.

• Bowling Greens will re-open on Monday 18th May 2020, but you should only partake alone, or with members of your household, or with one other person from outside your household, while practising social distancing.

GATE: – if the gate is locked the combination number is 1818. If no one is playing after you please close and lock the gate as you leave.


• Only use your equipment brought from home (jacks, mats, bowls etc.) – each player must use their own mat, jack and bowls.

• Sterilize equipment before and after use.

• Keep strict social distancing measures in place – you must remain at a safe distance (2 metres) from people outside of your household.

• Follow strong hygiene practices at every opportunity – wash your hands when you get home.

• You must have permission from your club to use the green – telephone Martin Balderson to book a one hour playing slot.

• Once you have completed your session, please depart as soon as you safely can to enable others to access the green.

• You may only play if you are a member of the club.


• Do not enter clubhouse, or any facility which is part of the club.

• Do not use club equipment.

• Do not organise any competitive bowls.

• Do not turn up at the green without prior agreement from your club.


• Being careful about touching solid surfaces e.g. gates, seating, doors, etc.

• Wash your hands as soon as you get home, avoid touching your face and take hand sanitiser with you to use while out if possible.

Join Us

If would like to join the Club please contact any member of the Club.

Novice bowlers are very welcome to experience all social and competitive bowling.

Introduction to members and invitation to play can be a daunting experience but Ashbourne Members are noted for their friendly welcome and assistance to new members.

Ashbourne Bowls Club views

Magnificent views

One of the best bowling venues in the Midlands

Ashbourne Bowls Club is one of the best playing venues in the Midlands for both players and spectators and the complex has been adopted by “The Derbyshire Crown Green Bowling Association” as its headquarters. County matches are played at Ashbourne on a regular basis and the facilities offer a licensed bar to add to the enjoyment of players and spectators.

As a further benefit – if any visitor is looking for a suitable facility to hold that special party or event, THE VENUE (Website: www.thevenueashbourne.co.uk) can be booked for private functions and offers ample car parking space. For bookings please contact Tim on 07988 541556, e-mail: enquiries@thevenueashbourne.co.uk.

Ashbourne Bowls Club

First class facilities

Our officials

Bowling Officials are:

Mrs Janet Piper, Club Chairman.

Mrs Anne Lewis, Club Vice Chairman

Mr Martin Balderson, Club Treasurer.

Mr Mick Salt, Club Secretary